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At FloorOn Solutions our installation process begins with professionally preparing the concrete surface for the best possible application of the epoxy floor coating system.

In order to prepare the concrete for the epoxy application, we use an industrial floor grinder with highly specialized diamond segments in order to effectively expose the pores so that the floor coating system adheres properly. This process also removes contaminant, like motor oil, and any other oils and/or gasoline which can be found in cars, motorcycles, snow-blowers, lawn mowers, etc. The steps taken to prepare a concrete floor for coating is crucial for the integrity of the product.

Without proper preparation the coating is vulnerable to not adhering properly, to flaking and peeling after the application of the epoxy floor coating system is applied. This is why the preparation process is one of the most important steps in any floor coating system application, whether that be epoxy or polyaspartic.

FloorOn Solutions 5-Step Flooring System

Upon arriving at the client’s property our flooring technicians begin by assessing the floor and the condition, we then move to the preparation process by determining the hardness of the concrete in the installation surface area. Determining the hardness of the concrete is essential when selecting the correct diamond-grinding segment that will be applied to the surface.

Once the diamond has been selected our industry leading grinders are applied to the entire surface area of the floor. The purpose of this process is to ensure a level work surface on which to apply the polyaspartic system as well as opening the pours of the concrete allowing for the best possible surface on which our system can form a strong, flawless bond to your floor.

Once the initial grinding preparation process is complete our team proceeds to the crack and chip repair step of the preparation process. After successfully grinding the surface of your property many imperfections in your concrete, such as cracks, chips and other aesthetic damage, will be uncovered.

Our technicians then apply cement mortar to fill in the cracks and other imperfections. A secondary grinding process follows this step in order to remove any excess mortar to ensure a perfectly smooth floor on which to apply the polyaspartic system. Once the floor is perfectly smooth our team vacuums and cleans the surface in preparation for sealing.

Next the FloorOn Solutions technicians begin mixing the two-component polyaspartic floor coating. Pigment is added to the base coat that matches the color of the predetermined vinyl flakes. The base coat is then consistently applied to the entire surface of the floor.

As one technician applies the pigmented two-component coating onto the surface of your property, a second technician generously applies a heavy coat of the customers selected vinyl flakes onto the freshly coated floor.

Once the surface area is successfully coated with both the polyaspartic system and desired vinyl flakes, the floor will need roughly one hour to cure before the final step in the installation process can begin.

Once excess vinyl flakes have been scraped from the surface and removed from the work area, our team proceeds to apply the final clear topcoat to the floor. Care is taken to ensure that the final clear coat is consistently applied to the entire surface of your property to ensure the most long lasting, durable floor system.

Once this coat is complete it takes roughly 24 hours before the surface can be walked on and roughly 72 hours before a vehicle or piece of equipment should be placed on the floor. These curing times vary based on the outdoor climate at the time of installation.

Once the curing process is complete, you are free to enjoy your durable, beautiful polyaspartic concrete floor!

We, at FloorOn Solutions, pride ourselves on offering a durable, yet efficient and economically effective alternative to traditional epoxy floor coatings. Our floor coating systems are industry-leading applications that enhance the aesthetic value, functionality and life span of your property!
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