Polyaspartic System

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The FloorOn Solutions polyaspartic floor coating system is guaranteed to both improve the durability of your floor as well as enhance the aesthetic value of your concrete surface.

Polyaspartic floor coating is generally applied using a two-coat system. After the careful preparation of the surface the first coat is applied which consists of the primer combined with (if desired) the color coat. Due to the rapid curing process, characteristic of the polyaspartic system, the second, clear coat can be applied shortly afterwards completing the sealing process of your concrete floor. Once the two-part system has been applied the coating agent infuses into the concrete surface sealing all cracks and imperfections as well as creating a surface that can successfully repel oils and other stain causing/ erosive chemicals.

There are many benefits to choosing a polyaspartic floor coating system as an alternative to more traditional epoxy coating systems. The primary two benefits of the polyaspartic system are: application time and temperature flexibility. A polyaspartic flooring system can be professionally installed and cured in a single day allowing for the surface to be back in use within 24 hours. This is a substantially accelerated application time in comparison to the alternative epoxies 3-4 day curing process and will leave you with the same if not better quality surface! Secondly, polyaspartic system are extremely flexible and can be installed in temperatures as low as -20 C to as high as 30 C without negatively impacting the sealing process. This allows FloorOn Solutions to conduct our installations throughout the year in Southern Ontario’s sometimes-unpredictable climate.

Benefits to the polyaspartic system include:

  • High resistance to abrasions, scratches and cracking

  • 100% U.V resistant (surface will not stain yellow under direct sunlight)

  • Minimal VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound’s)

  • Clear finish leaves an aesthetically pleasing high gloss appearance

  • High resistance to impact of both extreme high and low temperatures

  • High stain and chemical resistance


We believe that the polyaspartic floor coating system is a superior concrete application than competing processes. Our team of dedicated installation experts is highly experienced in implementing this flooring system and providing our clients with the highest durability flooring… that looks great.

We, at FloorOn Solutions, pride ourselves on offering a durable, yet efficient and economically effective alternative to traditional epoxy floor coatings. Our floor coating systems are industry-leading applications that enhance the aesthetic value, functionality and life span of your property!
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