By definition Epoxy is an adhesive coating made from a class of synthetic thermosetting polymers containing epoxide groups.

Floor-On Solutions Epoxy coating is applied as a system to concrete floor surfaces. Due to the composition of concrete, Floor-On Solutions Epoxy will extend the life of any floor surface, enabling high foot traffic areas, industrial use, showrooms and will be equally capable of withstanding heavy equipment traffic.

Concrete is porous and capable of absorbing oil, dirt, and chemicals that penetrate, destruct and accelerate the wear and tear of a chemical attack. Unfortunately, this porous surface is hard to clean once it becomes contaminated, it’s prone to cracks, spalling and hygienically non-friendly. The solution is Floor-On Solutions Epoxy. Why? Floor-On Solutions Epoxy solves all concrete issues when coated, because it’s durable, functional, aesthetically pleasing and the best part, it’s environmentally friendly and low maintenance, extending the life of your concrete floor.

Benefits to the Epoxy system include:

  • fast install minimizing loss of productivity and company downtime

  • high gloss floor increases room lighting of up to 150%

  • meets safety requirements for slip resistance

  • fire resistant

  • cost effective solution

  • easily used to refurbish old damaged floors

  • extremely durable

  • prevents wear and tear to concrete

  • can be tailored to meet anyone’s desired look as their are many colours and designs

  • durable and easy to clean

  • low maintenance

  • scratch resistant

We, at FloorOn Solutions, pride ourselves on offering a durable, yet efficient and economically effective alternative to traditional epoxy floor coatings. Our floor coating systems are industry-leading applications that enhance the aesthetic value, functionality and life span of your property!
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